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Integrated Surveillance and Communication System

Video based surveillance and security applications are increasingly in demand for facility protection, remote and mobile monitoring and employee safety. In order to improve the response time in case of an intrusion, many organizations are integrating their surveillance and communication systems to ensure that the right information is available in the field for improved decision support at the right time. Surveillance video has to go beyond the control room for improved security operations.


Video Connect is a custom application for one of our clients to meet their security needs. This was an enterprise level application and was designed to run on their private network. An assessment of the security needs was made and their premises were covered by Avigilon IP cameras and existing analog cameras. Through the Avigilon Network Video Recorders and their programmable interface this surveillance system was integrated with the client's IP based communication system. This integration enabled the feed of live video streams from any camera to any of the video phones on the communication network through a simple dial in feature from the phones using minimal bandwidth consumption. Calls to special security check points could also be initiated automatically by the system if there was a breach of security at any point. This meant that the feild operators closest to the point of intrusion are not only intimated but can also be more prepared to mitigate the situation by seeing the video stream otherwise just available to the control room.

Video Connect- phone

A command and control room application was also developed to monitor the live stream from all the connected cameras, manage the communication system and initiate and tear down calls. The control panel was designed to automate the actions to take if some security breach was detected on a live feed so that constant monitoring by the control room operators was not mandatory. For example, motion detection on a camera at point-A would automatically trigger a call to the security personnel at the location and transmit the live camera feed for assistance.Special attention was paid to the interface and overall user experience of the entire system to ensure that all the users can have a seamless access to the system features whether accessing through the IP phones or control room application.

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